This is AppBack

A set of modules to help you develop and release your apps faster.

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Feature Toggles

Manage your app features, if something is not working as planned, just shut it down.

Translations Manager

Localize your apps without re-uploading it to the stores.

Event Logs

Collect data from your app to take your user's experience even further.


Manage all your modules depending on the environment you are working on.

A complete Mobile Developer solution

AppBack is a set of tools to help developers build and release apps faster. You can use our SDKs to do a quick integration or access our API to suit your needs.
For Devs by Devs

Ready-to-go Mobile SDKs

You hate those huge packages, AppBack is like no other, just the needed. tools, no additions.
Oh, FYI our SDKs are open-source, so check them out.

iOS Android Flutter

Fully Documented API

Not sure about the SDKs? No worries, just use our Swagger docs to create your own API calls.


Intuitive Dashboard

AppBack is designed to be used by anyone on your team, from developers to marketing. In case you need assistance, our awesome support team will sort the matter for you.

Awesome Docs and Samples

We have awesome documentation and great sample project to help you kickstart your integration.

Constantly Growing

Our team is constantly working on bringing new modules to AppBack and so to your projects.
Our roadmap includes:

  • Push Notifications

  • Assets Manager

  • A/B Testing

Our Plans

We have a variety of plans for different devs, you can start with our awesome free plan and upgrade later.

Free Plan
Startup Plan
Pro Plan
Enterprise Plan
USD $0.00
per month
USD $14.99
per month
USD $29.99
per month
USD $69.99
per month
Applications 1 3 10 25
Environments 1 2 5 10
API Calls 2000/Month 10000/Month 50000/Month 250000/Month
Toggles per Environment 15 50 150 500
Languages per App 2 5 15 50
Translations per Language 100 250 1000 2500
Event Logs per Environment 150 500 1500 5000
Parameters per Event Log 10 25 50 125
Event Log Retention 7 days 15 days 45 days 90 days
Team Members 1 Member 3 Members 10 Members 25 Members

USD $0.00
per month

USD $14.99
per month

USD $29.99
per month

USD $69.99
per month

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